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Birmingham Eye Poetry Competition

The Birmingham Eye is the largest transportable ferris wheel in the world. Till the end of half-term it's located at the city end of Broad Street smack bang in front of the Rep and Symphony Hall. At the top you can see all of Birmingham for yourself.

The Lit-net Birmingham Eye Poetry Competition works exactly as the Poetry of Place competition - see SHOWCASE below. In a nutshell, it was free to enter. All you had to do is write a poem about the Eye, then click 'add content' below and add it together with the title and author of a contemporary poet you're reading.

Deadline was end of February, now closed. It will be judged by Roz Goddard, Birmingham Poet Laureate, with fabulous prizes from Poetry On Loan -

More details below. Take a whirl. A fiver to ride the Eye; this is free - and still here.

  • Eye Eye by Laurence Inman - 23-Feb-04 (views:30272)
  • Eye by David Fine - 18-Feb-04 (views:30802)
  • Chanceye by Nicholas King - 18-Feb-04 (views:31000)
  • Attraction by Beverley Cherry - 11-Feb-04 (views:30329)
  • EYESITE by Rita Carter-Forde - 03-Feb-04 (views:31038)

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