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MAC Short Cuts - short stories here and live

Are you a West Midlands short fiction writer? Are you interested in reading/performing your own work? Short Cuts is a new quarterly live literature event, which started this autumn. to celebrate short fiction. Each set of six stories are read at Midlands Arts Centre, and they're also appearing below...

The Shadow by Mark Reece isn't for cat-lovers or strolling along the boulevard.. Kafka-esque view of your penumbra.

Fancy a lottery ticket? Save yourself trouble and read Bobby Nayyar’s ‘Syndicate of Tears’, the latest to go up.

“I'd pulled the photograph out of the drawer quite by accident…” is the start of Colleen Muldoon-Taylor's 'The Inheritance'

If you're interested in taking part, read MAC Short Cuts - how to enter. Next deadline Monday 27 February 2006.

For excellent examples of the genre, look at any of the seven anthologies published by Tindal Street Press.

Next Short Cuts performance Thursday 30 March 2006 7.30 pm Parkside Room, Mac

  • The Shadow by Mark Reece - 01-Apr-05 (views:7597)
  • Leipzig by Mark Kilburn - 20-Dec-04 (views:7731)
  • Rebellion by Fran Martel - 02-Dec-04 (views:8040)

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