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Training - click here for opportunities to hone literature development skills.

This page is for residencies, attachments, consultancies, jobs, sinecures .... in other words anything which involves doing some work with words for someone else and usually with some money attached somewhere in the bargain.
A double star ** at the start of a title means especially for people with disabilities.
For training see opposite, also see for west midlands arts/education opportunities.

This is by no means an exhaustive, never mind canonical list - just those which crosses Lit-Net's desk. By all means post them up, by clicking on "Add Content." I'd do it sooner rather than later to give as much time for people to respond.

Rough rule of thumb is all literature opportunities in UK + those in the West Midlands which might attract literary types. For other West Mids arts posts go to

By and large usually over a dozen up at any one time. Good Luck

Quick reminder: Arts Council recommended minimum daily rate for artists 150 sobs

"What is the difference between a consultant and a vulture?"
"A consultant gets air miles."


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