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Poetry Readers

If you are new to reading poetry or would simply like to find time to read more, then the new Poetry on Loan promotion is for you. Libraries across the West Midlands are working together to bring you a tempting new list of poetry, along with displays, poetry reading and writing groups and performances by top poets. Poetry on Loan will happen in over twenty libraries in the region. Find out what's happening by visiting or contacting any Poetry on Loan library.

What to read...

Our Poetry on Loan list has been chosen to bring you face to face with some terrific writers. It includes a dazzling variety of poets. You will find Michael Rosen's heartfelt and moving collection, 'Carrying the Elephant', alongside the bright singing voice of Jean 'Binta' Breeze. Over forty new and recent poetry books will be stocked by Poetry on Loan libraries. And we have chosen ten of our favourites to get you started.

New ways to read...

Poetry on Loan will get people reading in new ways. Library staff will be trying out fresh approaches. Some libraries will have a special Poetry on Loan area where you can browse through collections of new poetry. Other libraries will be running poetry reading groups where you'll get a chance to share your reactions to poetry with other readers or with a professional poet. And if you fancy trying your hand at writing poetry some libraries will be running poetry writing sessions too.

Aaargh, poetry... The prospect of reading a collection of poetry cover-to-cover could be daunting - a bit like not waving but downing a dozen double espressos!

Why not find a comfy chair and savour just a couple of poems at a time. Or read one aloud to yourself...stick a copy in your pocket to read on the train or memorise a line or two to get you through a hard, boring day....something'll click and the poem will find the sweet spot at the centre of your heart. Wow!


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