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One of the many great strengths of the West Midlands Literary scene is storytelling - as can be seen in the events section. The Storytelling Cafe regularly draws audiences close to the hundreds; Myth Stories in Shrewsbury is perhaps the only storytelling 'shop' in the country, if not the world, and The Festival at the Edge, at Much Wenlock, as well as being a highpoint of the story telling summer, run courses and workshops throughout the year.One of the great difficulties of placing storytelling on the web is just that - it's hard to tell stories typing into a screen.

People are starting to work on it, see Ben Haggerty's work on, and also details of twenty years in the trade conference last February, which gives an clear snapshot of recent history

....In from the site is Adrian Johnson's detailed overview of the last ten years, and prognosis of the next ten. Also don't miss 11th October a festival within a festival, Storytelling all day at Birmingham Library Theatre, detail below and part of Birmingham Book Festival

If you've any ideas please do come back to us at lit-net! Thanks


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