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Go to SHOWCASE 'Birmingham Eye' for a similar competition ending 29 Feb 2004.

On 23rd April 2003 the Lit-Net Poetry of Place Competition closed. The idea gave people a chance to capture their reaction to places in the West Midlands with poetry. There weren't many entries but all were interesting. These appear below.

They aren't ranked here because you the reader are as much a judge as anyone, including the poets themselves.

This formed part of the rubric.... Entrants had to name a book by a contemporary poet they were currently reading. This snapshot of poets on poets is under "Poetry Books Read By Poetry of Place Poets"

To pass on the flame, Poetry On Loan kindly donated six contemporary titles as prizes - details under "prizes." As the best way on-line into poetry, and poetry places in the region go to, (the guide page for material held here under poetry.)


  • Spiders by Shaun Parrin - 06-Jan-05 (views:1989)
  • Petals by Andy Hare - 06-Jan-05 (views:2074)
  • Pit Mound by Geoff Jones - 06-Jan-05 (views:2039)

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