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Hi there, Lit-pickers. Why only one book not written in English in the BBC Big Read 21? See below.... Churchill may have been voted the great Briton by Beeberish gogglebox viewers, but who are the greatest 100 UK authors from the last century? See the Lit-Net choice below.

This is about reading and readers - book reviews, reading guides, groups and events. If you've something to say here, just click "Add Content" and away you go.

Also if you run or want to find out about reading groups in the West Midlands, please do click on groups and add anything about yours, or find out about theirs....

For a bit of fun, try "Jodi Jill will eat a book", as well as "Widdecombe Corner", inspired by raven-haired novelist turned blonde bomshell ex-shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdicombe's call for the stocks and compulsory Tory membership for cannabis users back in October 2000. This is the classic guide to pharmaeologically influenced literature, and try spelling that when you're stoned.

"I quite agree. Sentences should not end with prepositions. This is language up with which I will not put." Churchill, W S


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