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Readers read and writers write to share the imagined. What separates them is the thickness of a page, but sharing that solitary experience adds to the pleasure.

Do you belong to a readers' group? Do you talk to others about books you've read and want to read? What do writers think about their own books? Are they like how you imagined them to be?

Find out at the Birmingham Readers Day coming this November 2nd - details below.

Organised by Guy Pringle of the world renowned NewBooks.mag, and supported by the library authorities of the West Midlands, it is a must for readers, professional or amateur, and a steal at 20

Sellout success in the rest of the country, as the weeks go by we'll be adding details, but click on How To Book to reserve your place now - places will go fast.

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  • The Programme by - 19-Sep-02 (views:3399)

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