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What's it like being Poet Laureate for a city?

Does it have its own rewards, or is it just a matter of trials and tribulations?

Birmingham has a proud lineage of laureates, if not quite stretching back as far as Tennyson, then at least to the last century, with Brian Lewis as the first, then David Hart, Sibyl Ruth, Simon Pitt, Roshan Doug, Roi Kwabena Julie Boden, Roz Goddard and now till next autumn, Don Barnard.

Thanks, Roz, for your contributions to Lit-Net which will move across to the Laureate Showcase before long.

Don is continuing the tradition set by Roz, as the first six entries below show - his latest poem Drinking Moonshine has something more than a kick.

  • Some Of Us by Roz Goddard - 03-Mar-04 (views:38699)

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