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Although the entire universe knows that it is a commonly attested and scientifically proven fact that the West Midlands is its culture epicentre, we at Lit-Net are not so insular to believe nothing happens beyond literature or the region.

This section is just for this area. If you have something which might interest Lit-Net browsers just send it in by clicking Add New Content

You can also comment on other articles in 'Beyond' by clicking Add New Content, and Lit-Net Ed will tag them onto the end after due moderation.

This is very close to that initially strange but ever increasing sport of blogging, so it is a good way to ease yourself into this arena, as well as prepare yourself for Lit-Net 2, where you'll be able to add comments to your own entries without moderation.

If an event, you can also click Event and follow instructions. Rule of Thumb: two hours from Birmingham covers every county next to the West Midlands


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