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2001/2 Winter
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Poem of the moment:-

The Demise of Rover

Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding
Once influenced by the sushi bar
They came to dinner for they were hungry
None had to travel very far

Then the dumpling and the snitzel
Followed on with apple strudel
Paid and sold the dinner bill
Until it was too late for the noodle

Dirty plates with stale embers
No time for brandy and cigars
The gravy train has left the station
The taxi’s hired and there are no more cars.

Malcolm Dewhirst

Do send in your poetry and Birmingham FC season tickets provided they're:-

short - two scrolls tops
topical - there are countless poetry publishers, websites and poets, but all too few offer the chance to reflect on breaking news. Lit-net now does by doing nothing else.
west midlands based - you live, work or written about here
and it comes with
the name and a title of a living poet you are reading at the moment
- on this Lit-net Ed or John Keats has never been more serious....

...This rule has applied since early 2002 and people tend to comply with it. It's there for two extremely good reasons. Firstly reading other poets should generally improve your own, and secondly if you are not prepared to read and acknowledge other people's poetry, why do you expect me to...?

In the meantime read and write, and if you're stuck for living poets go to Poetry Book of The Month and Poetry On Loan.


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