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  • Poetry Society - Poetry Society classic portal about poetry but not all poetry and poetry sites... especially strong on education, national news and schemes. Less so how to write the blessed stuff, and poetry to read included in other material.
  • Birmingham Poets On-Line - For poets in Birmingham and Solihull - trying to increase readers and contributors, from five minute dekko tends to the gothic and if you like rhyme....
  • Centrifugal Forces - Elegant site for text message poems/ 160 characters long/ to fit a mobile/ please read & submit/ like this ENDS
  • The Poetry Library - Excellent site for finding out about published poetry and poets, especially in Britain. Competitions section comprehensive for poetry competitions. Lost Quotations section may divert...
  • Poetry Can - Excellent site that gives you all you'd love to know about poetry in Bristol, and more
  • Poetry Kit - No frills, straightforward site full of basic gen and links to the nitty-gritty of contemporary poetry - a must for writers and readers who are more comfy with sleeves rolled up.
  • Apple and Snakes - London-based performance orientated poetry circuit - site very style magazine and easy on the eye. Sharp words too, more for the reader and audience than writer. Coming up to East Midlands....
  • Jacket Magazine - Very Australian literary poetry magazine: Serious, scholarly but fun. A must click if you think English poetry magazines are too stuffy by half, and a must click if you don't.
  • Football Poets - Very well designed and easy to use site full of soccer poems - some brilliant, some like watching Coventry when the floodlights fail. Kick It Out, soccer against racism section too, and worth a shout.
  • Poetry Magazines - Sharp site, giving online access to twenty poetry magazines across the country, including Worcestershire's Obsessed With Pipework - worth a look
  • Poetry Mine - Excellent site combining the best of Welsh and West Midlands. If the pits of the valleys no longer produce out-halves, Geoff Jones demonstrates bardic qualities flourish.
  • Poetry Book Society - Forget Amazon, the way to buy poetry on-line, with excellent news and views on what's what for contemporary poetry in print. A must-see for poetry purchasers.
  • Poetry Cubicle - Bright, sharp, original and fresh site with bright, sharp and original poets.
  • Poetry Fanzine - On-line billboard for perhaps the most elegantly made poetry magazine - regardless of content!
  • Julie Boden & Poetry Central - Julie Boden's own website, former Birmingham Poet Laureate, part of the Poetry Central team, inspirational performer and workshop leader... browse and enjoy
  • Flarestack Publishing - "- still developing, but maybe worth a visit . . ." Editor Johnson. So I did, looks pretty good to me and a definite port of call.
  • Wroteunder - Cracking webcast audio-download site recording live events from Digbeth. 'To my mind, this is the way of the future - wall-to-wall Beeb Betjeman is all very good, but 21st schizoid man?' David Fine Lit-Net Ed.


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