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  • Trace - Classic On-line Writing Community, and now specialising on on-line schools
  • Commonword - The virtual community of North West Writers clebrating its Silver Jubilee with a cracking new website
  • ABC Tales - Started 2000 with 100 pieces of writing, now 15000, idea from John 'Big Issue' Bird - very good for advice and getting started, fairly zany stuff but all accessible - good newsletter
  • The Script Factory - writing for the big screen - Fancy writing for the screen, especially film? Go here first to find out something of how the industry works and what training schemes are available. "Writers are animals - I've eaten with them." The Producers
  • The Spontaneity Shop - improvisation - North London based improvisation workshops and development - worth a butcher's to hone performance skills "Whatistheessenceofhumour-Timing."
  • The Pleasure Dome - Excellent very friendly writing site that works by sharing and encouragement. Recently redesigned but still geared towards people feeling their way with words as much as super-accomplished wordsmiths, like wot I am.
  • Writelink - Very practical how-to writing site run by Midlands based Sue Kendrick. Especially good for those starting up as well as the more experienced. Plenty of competitions and you can subscribe to their newsletter too
  • The New Writer - Website for magazine & e-newsletter by subscription. "Launched in 1996, it's aimed at writers with a serious intent." Worth looking at if you're thinking 'where and how do I get this published?'
  • Warwick Writing Programme - The largest and most comprehensive programme of its type in Europe, the Warwick Writing Programme develops new teaching and research in the fields of creative and scientific writing. BA and MA degree in Creative Writing. and dynamic community programme.
  • Writing Worcester - Writing Site run by Bernard Cohen, writing as a whole & what's work like in Worcestershire & Herefordshire. Very accessible, plenty of good tips how to get started and keep going. + Details of Writing Junk; culture, landscape & body Conference 7-9 July
  • New Writing North - Belter of a site for seriously aspiring writers. Easy to work around, sympathetic, zero bull, just good hard advice and support. Other sites should aspire to this standard, or give up
  • The Arvon Foundation - New top web-site for top class residential writing courses in breathtaking parts of the country - latest being the Hurst, Clun, Shropshire, John Osbourne's old gaff, now open
  • Writernet - London-based website aimed at mainly professional script and performance writers to identify, nurture, develop and place their talents. (Need to pay for subscription services) Good Serious stuff.
  • Author.Co.Uk - Belter of a site full of really good stuff, specifically for writers, very topical full of up to minute news from rip-off vanity presses to competitions. Particularly good for writers groups and circles, with a East Anglia, SE emphasis.
  • National Academy of Writing - Clean, elegant home site for the National Academy of Writing, giving details, plans and news about the new 'Conservatoire' for writers to be based in Birmingham
  • Birmingham Words - Birmingham Words small on-line writing community giving and wanting to give voice to a range of writers living in Birmingham - and beyond. The site features short work in both poetry and prose - on a clean and cracking site
  • Save Our Short Story - National campaign to develop short story writing, publishing and awareness - gives detailed breakdown and opportunity to sign on to on-line anthology. Now launched and an excellent site it is too.
  • Write Words - Sharp, poised and up to the mark site for all writers, especially those interested in other writers. 20 for full service otherwise free, their writer's directory is excellent. Worth a look if you're serious about what you write
  • BBC Get Writing - Excellent site to help aspiring writers - a regular for people who want to write, and not just for the Beeb.
  • Young Writer - Sharp site for a magazine by and for young people up to age 18 (from 3??) Published 3 x a year at the start of each school term. Also articles about writing, competitions, guest authors ....
  • Helloland - Talking Birds - Hard to categorise, but Talking Birds' wonderful on-line exploitation of the web involving everything from art to archaeology focussed on Coventry. Click to blow your mind.
  • Internet Writer - The Internet: A Writer's Guide Jane Dorner's promotional site for her book, with "1000 links for writers" - compendious listings, a Baedecker for literary travellers of the web.
  • Writers Services - Full & useful focussed on getting the right words down and then to the right people. Well written sections from proofmarks to public lending rights, cheap computers to Carole Blake, Pitch to Publication. A virtual Writer's Handbook with wit.
  • PEN - Writers in Prison - International organisation of writers campaigning for political freedom - of individuals, speech, imagination. Extending work to translation...have a peek
  • incwriters - Bright breezy sharp writers site, UK-based, focussed on poetry and literary promotion. Few loose links, but doesn't pull punches in its articles and letters. If the conventional tires...
  • The Hyperliterature Exchange - Nearest thing to The London Review of Books or Times Litt Supp for on-line literature, and not nearly as stuffy. Sharp, erudite and a pleasure.
  • Federation of Worker Writers Community Publishers - "Umbrella organisation for writers' groups and community publishers. Open to all organisations working with words and language who share a belief that writing and publishing should be made accessible to all." If that's you, then give it a click
  • Sweeble - Say what you want in the way you want "Focus first person stories and writing on everything from family issues, to tales of struggle, or celebration, events listings and news commentary. Core people talking to each other without media intervention."


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