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  • My Home Library - Initiated by Children’s Laureate Anne Fine isn’t just a wonderful selection of cracking bookplates to place into treasured volumes, but a treasure of ideas and schemes - how to find hard to find books quickly, cheaply and easily. Watch out for the frogs!
  • YOUR FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK THROUGH THE DECADES - Staffordshire Libraries give you the chance to say and see what your favourite children's books are since the 1930s - click link to see, and send entries to
  • Penguin Readers - Perhaps the best reader orientated site from a publisher. Very good sections on book reviews, competitions, e-books. Friendly and not at all pushy - good newsletter too.
  • Reading Link - Good solid gateway and resource site to help teach young uns to read. (and not transport connections in Berkshire)
  • Literature Awards - Literature Awards - everything from Booker (a food distribution company) to Zaphod Beeblebrox (joking) Over 170 Literature Awards listed, and much much more - excellent site
  • Branching Out - Classic reader development mainly in libraries site. Includes Forager which is a unique and clever way to find yourself a new read without falling into the genre trap. Have a look.
  • Fanoos Literary Society - Just benefited from a developmental award from the West Midlands Arts Regional Arts Lottery programme – good site to access Pakinstani-based asian culture, especially urdu poetry
  • ClearVision - UK postal lending library of children's books with braille added to print and pictures, making them suitable for visually-impaired and sighted to share. 11,000+ books. Free for individuals and families, no postage, £40 a year for libraries etc. Great.
  • Eat A Book - Tell Jodi what you're reading, and she might eat it - whacky idea with serious message about literacy. Lit-Net Ed suggests Deliah Smith, 'a triumph of ingredients over imagination.'
  • Which Book Net - Want to read something new to you? Update on 'Forager' - far simpler to use and can get you straight from a book which suits your mood to the nearest library which has it on loan - very smart.
  • World Book Day - 6th March 2003 - the site to find out how the UK is celebrating World Book Day
  • Guardian Unlimited Books - Probably best & certainly clearest broadsheet literary website. Reader focussed: down-to-earth comment as thirty-somethings & Old Labour jossle for virtual frisson in talk pages. Anything that asks 'Is Andrew Motion any good?' gets Lit-Net Ed's vote.
  • Encompass Culture - British Council Online Reading Group - Well designed site to promote reading for kids, teenagers and adults across the world with strong interactive elements, and good general sections, newsletters, opened summer 2003, revised 2004 with good book lists.
  • Thirst Books - The independent thinkers' book club for independent thinkers in Yorkshire and beyond. Just a holding page at present, e-mail for free membership & copy of latest brochure.
  • Cult Fiction - Excellent site for all those authors from Stanislaw Lem to Colin Wilson that the corporate publishing world cannot categorise. If you really want some new stuff to you that's also dead old and cool, click here..
  • What are you up to tonight? - Brash, sharp, vivid reading guide geared to teens and twenties from East Midlands Libraries and Opening The Book but works anywhere - staying in or going out, like The Smiths. Try it.
  • The Fiction Cafe - NLIB runs this great site to find books if you're gone beyond the BBC Big Read - worth a look, especially by the far-sighted.
  • Reading Africa - thirty great titles fresh from Africa, in case you missed their recent tour.
  • Books For Change - “brings books, com,munities and ideas together” Excellent articulate site of an excellent articulate project that links reading and writing to social regeneration. A don’t miss if you believe books have social as well as literary value.


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