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  • Artsnetonline & Artsviewonline - STOP PRESS CLOSED DOWN Feb 2004 Information service for artists and arts workers in the West Midlands, Artsnet brings a range of useful and informative areas - from News and events listings to Funding guides, Jobs and Opportunities
  • Commonword - Smack new site. Writing, Reading + much much more from Manchester-based literature development combo who've been in the business while Thatcher was still thinking about snatching milk
  • Entsnet - for Shropshire - For arts listings, performers and the rest in Shropshire, a website developed from the highly successful 31 days paper schedule
  • Creative Remedies - Creative Remedies is an arts and health site for the West Midlands to be launched this summer. They are looking for projects, ideas and ways to show that the arts are healthy - see their questionnaire and project forms.
  • Birmingham Bid to Be European Capital of Culture - The low-down on the bid to take the Carrot out of Jasper (or put it in?) They want to hear from you too about what makes Birmingham and the West Midlands Cultural. Good active site, recently revamped in 2003 to become better
  • Spike - "Spike is about people, books and ideas." And it's good. South East and media orientated, it's radical, sharp and comprehensive. Online since 1996. "Trust us - we know what we're doing..." Now, how often have I heard that...
  • National Association of Literature Development - If you are a professional involved in literature development, and don't know about NALD, you ought to look right now - useful to find support for developing literature, perhaps near you....
  • Route-Online - Nearest thing to Lit-Net in Yorkshire. Very swish site with lots of links to writers, on-line writing, and stuff about the area, backed up by extensive mags and books - worth a look especially for digital fiction
  • Arts Council England - What's what in terms of resources and support for the arts in the West Midlands should start here. Clean site, but all the old RAB WMA stuff like Bulletin... has gone down a virtual plughole. (contact info@lit-net to moan about this.)
  • Live Literature Net - The Arts Council has suspended this site from 31 August 2003 pending its Communications Review about continued funding of centrally-managed websites. continues to print a national directory of events in its magazine.
  • National Association of Writers In Education - If you're a writer and work in education from kindergarten to U3A NAWE is for you. Also good to find a writer to work in school, college...relaunched site an absolute belter
  • - The website to support arts in out of school hours activities in Dudley, Nottingham and Birmingham - handy if you want to work or want an artist to work in out of school activities
  • Mslexia - 'Mslexia is read by top authors and absolute beginners. A quarterly masterclass in the business and psychology of writing, it's the essential magazine for women who write' and a nationwide events listings, reviews....
  • National Disability Arts Forum** - Excellent service for those into arts & people with disabilities. Also superb weekly e-newsletter, Eteceta, packed+well-edited topical info. Great resource for all, better than most professional digests & you don't need to be disabled to gain from it.
  • Shape** - New site for Shape, which has supported arts and disability for 25 years. Currently London orientated, and more content info than content, but do add your stuff.
  • Pirandello - A Site Like Lit-Net focussed towards the South of England; Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Bucks...but not Beds. Elegant, full of the right stuff, and perhaps more towards writers stuff.
  • Essex Live Lit - Lit-Net for Essex, especially strong on events, good stuff for writers and reader - all the local gen for literary Dickys from Billericay.
  • Stories From The Web - Excellent site everyone up to 14 and their families interested in reading and writing. Good accessible design attractive to kids, and highly interactive - don't miss.
  • Decibel - culturally diverse arts - Clear and attractive site about Decibel - culturally diverse arts programme. Find out what's what in your neck of the woods, yet just beyond.....
  • Aliss - "artists and learning information and support service for the West Midlands." News, opportunities and artists to work in education. Online does for the region what Nald, Nawe, Arts Explorer does nationally.
  • THEpUBLIC - An arts organisation formerly known as Jubilee Arts, based in Sandwell and to open its megamillion C-Plex in 2005 - currently all in flash so difficult to access for visually impaired.
  • Arts Connect - The Search Engine for the Arts in the UK. If you can't google or yahoo it, then go here to find what you want. Be specific in your searches because it throws up hundreds of entries - and give them ideas since still beta-testing.
  • The South - Excellent site for finding about reading, writing and performance in The South - more east than west, in and around Sussex in the main. Does a good newsletter too.
  • Literature Training - Do you want to improve your literature development skills to match your abundant talents? Click here to find out where to go next.
  • Pulp Net - Class fiction, reviews and events-listing for Literature in London. Slick, easy and magnetic. Become attracted.
  • Aesthetica Magazine - Literary mag in York area dedicated to publishing new and original artists and writers every second month. "We are open to writers and artists from all over the world and encourage submissions from everyone." At the interface between verb and image
  • Literature North East - Excellent site for literature lovers in the north east. Gives access to New Writing North and Save Short Story campaign, as well as events, news... Lit-net in Geordie.
  • Live Art Magazine - "Hybrid:interdisciplinary:collaborative" Cracking inter-regional site for all into art that, for the want of a better term, isn't dead. Worth visiting as a website, and especially for the cutting edge of visual arts.
  • Printed Page - Index - the writers and publishers network, north west site for all things literary from Cheshire to Cumbria. A lit-net for the north-west launched March 2004. A definite for those in the region.
  • bloc - Excellently written resource site from Falmouth College of Arts post-grad writing students. More for writers than readers, particularly strong on national news, (which lit-net doesn't tend to carry)and good competitions section.
  • Birmingham Arts Marketing - One stop shop full listing for Birmingham arts events, exhibitions...beyond literature. Shortly to go across West Midlands with
  • Audiences Central - Arts Marketing agency launched June 2004 "Aims to work with and inspire arts organisations, agencies, practitioners and audiences in order to increase and diversify the market for the arts in the West Midlands."


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