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  • Tindal Street Press - England's largest & most successful fiction house outside London - gateway to finest West Midlands prose, freshly madeover site: has it all from with on-line shopping carts to masterclasses
  • Bloodaxe Books - Very friendly, well, jovial site with no big corporate design ethos - just damned good content matching quality of the books. Poetry Fan Section especially good.
  • Quality Women's Fiction & Candenza - Vibrant on-line and off-line magazine based in Rugby which does exactly what it says. As well as the product, lots of great advice in terms of process. Worth a look, and stretching into poetry
  • Anon Poetry Publishing - Entry site for unique poetry magazine where all contributors submit anonymously - the poetry not the poet is judged. Worth a gander.
  • Open Wide Magazine - UK-based US look 'reaction to mainstream publishing' looking for sharp short fiction and poetry. Seems to be in Bukowski, maybe Brautigan territory. Quite explicit content. ~Good range of kindred sites in links.
  • Forbidden Fruit Magazine - On-line original slash fiction magazine published three times a year. Always on the lookout for quality short stories in any genre, as long as the main characters are gay or bi men
  • Bullet - "No more heroes any more" Where noir meets amps -hetamines or -lifiers. Sharp site for short sharp rock'n'roll noir. "Whatever happened to all those Shakespearos?"
  • Vanity Publishing - "A campaign for honesty and truth." Excellent site to help you work out if a publisher is kosher or not. A must-see if you've any doubts about a publishers' credentials and a good view of the industry as a whole.
  • The Xpress - Europe's largest publisher of Black interest books. Sharp site, sharp print. "In the next few years we intend to become not only Europe's biggest, but the world's number one black book publisher."
  • Rascal - Sharp, smart, simple and contemporary on-line magazine. Worth a look, cultural musings with a bite.


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