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  • For UK Public Libraries on the web - Not the zingiest of web-addresses, nor a site where you need shades for all the flash, but very easy to get round, up-to-date, authoritative yet friendly guide to public libraries websites and access through the web.
  • Staffordshire Libraries - Everything you need about Staffordshire Libraries. Excellent and reliable Talisman on-line catalogue; a quick way to check or find a title, and a chance to register your favourite kids' books since the '30s
  • Opening The Book - Just redesigned Spring 2003, and excellent resource for libraries and reader development. Does what it says on the tin: reader centred library service and reader development group
  • Birmingham Libraries - Packed and stacked with literary content, regularly updated, but stacking means its not always easy to surf quickly. Better to use their efficient advanced search engine.
  • Warwickshire Libraries - Up to date, clear content, easy to get round, plenty of children orientated content. Online catalogue - WILD. Good events section where you can add your own. No search engine, don't need it.
  • Shropshire Libraries - Information and reading focussed. An easy way round what's hot to read by classical categories - biographies, BBC Big Read, with local takes such as the 'Shrop 21' On-line catalogue
  • Herefordshire Libraries - Stand-alone site. Small, easy to get around, mainly service information, on-line catalogue and renewals service.
  • Worcestershire Libraries - Easy to get around, no search engine, no need. On-line catalogue, strong on reader development, groups and book reviews. Far less strong on live literature.
  • Solihull Libraries - All routes on one page. No on-line catalogue. Strong on groups - reading, writing & poetry, and storming Live Literature.
  • Stoke Libraries - Plenty of information, but rather fiddly to access - on-line catalogue has non-intuitive layout, while difficult to sort literary activity from the rest of their compendious services, including Omlette Arnold Bennett, which is richly disgusting.
  • Sandwell Libraries - Right mix of graphics and words, and one-page overview. No on-line catalogue, but good events guide and other useful information.
  • Wolverhampton Libraries - No search engine, events or readers groups listed but on-line catalogue promised soon. Much more happening in the city, and many entries seem to have been last updated in autumn 2002
  • Telford & Wrekin Libraries - Small authority and website is consequently outward looking with good links and info to other library websites. No online catalogue or events listing as yet.
  • Dudley Libraries - No search engine or on-line catalogue. Long lists of internal links worth scrolling especially for teenage stuff which is strong on this site.
  • Walsall Libraries - Fairly easy-to-use opening page, click 'What's New' for live literature etc. No on-line catalogue to date, but strong on library links.
  • Hertfordshire Direct - Not in the West Midlands, but included as an excellent example of how a local authority website could look and work. Fast, easy-to-use, attractive, almost beguiling...
  • The Reading Agency - A UK wide development agency with roots in the public library sector "we have a mission to inspire a reading nation, by working with libraries and their partners"


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