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  • Ledbury Poetry Festival 30 June - 9 July 2006 - Beautiful Herefordshire Countryside, wonderful poetry, walks, tours, workshops, and free town party - great organisation by Charles Bennett. Hit site, download programme and go
  • Festival At The Edge - 19th - 21st July - Storytelling - Second decade with a wonderful cast of storytellers at the 11th Festival at the Edge. Jan Blake, Tim Bowley, Amy Douglas, Jane Flood, Kelvin Hall, Michael Harvey, Nick Hennessey, Dan Keding, Amoafi Kwapong, Hugh Lupton, Shonaleigh, Madge Spencer, Dovie T
  • Birmingham Book Festival 7- 22 October 2004 - Books and writers across Birmingham city centre. A must-see, don't miss
  • Purple Poetry Patch Convention 26-28 July 2002 - Purple Patch Poetry Convention is a belter of a weekend where poets in the heart of the Black Country give their hearts - bloack or otherwise - to poetry.
  • Coventry Readers and Writers 24 April to 19 October 2002 - Coventry Readers and Writers Forum Festival One World Many Voices This is where readers and writers meet through Coventry Libraries for a summer-long festival of the word. Contact Mark Williams
  • Ludlow Festival 22 June - 7 July 2002 - Under the shadow of the Castle, with some of the finest restaurants in England, a veritable feast for all. Literature weekend 28th June to 30th June with programme from Nicholas Evans "The Horse Whisperer" to Roy Hattersley "Buster" his dog
  • Leominster Festival - 30 May to 10th June - Plenty of arts in the heart of Herefordshire. Literature includes Dub Merge, film and talk about Robert Harris's The Enigma, Tony Benn, Gabriel Woolf's Dylan Thomas, and The Lost Towns of Herefordshire.
  • Cambridge Word Fest - New Kids on the block, 28-30 March 2003 Strong line-up and no long-ball game
  • Southwell Poetry Festival - Good clear site for a good clear poetry festival in small Nottingham town beloved by Byron. Also has e-mail hook-up for latest news.
  • Lady Fest Birmingham 9-11 July - Ladyfest Birmingham is a 3-day, not for profit, festival 9-11 July showcasing the talents of women across all areas of the arts including MUSIC, ART, VIDEO, FILM, SPOKEN WORD, ACTIVISM and much more.
  • Warwick Words 2006 - Fifth year twenty writers and poets including Sir Jeremy Isaacs, E A Markham, Fay Weldon Andrew Motion Colin Dexter, Taffy Thomas, Roz Goddard, Wendy Cope, Phillip Gross, Robert Lacy, poetry walk from Warwick to Kenilworth Castle, and poetry pub trail, Ro


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