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  • Artsnetonline & Artsviewonline - STOP PRESS CLOSED DOWN Feb 2004 Information service for artists and arts workers in the West Midlands, Artsnet brings a range of useful and informative areas - from News and events listings to Funding guides, Jobs and Opportunities
  • Commonword - Smack new site. Writing, Reading + much much more from Manchester-based literature development combo who've been in the business while Thatcher was still thinking about snatching milk
  • Entsnet - for Shropshire - For arts listings, performers and the rest in Shropshire, a website developed from the highly successful 31 days paper schedule
  • Creative Remedies - Creative Remedies is an arts and health site for the West Midlands to be launched this summer. They are looking for projects, ideas and ways to show that the arts are healthy - see their questionnaire and project forms.
  • Birmingham Bid to Be European Capital of Culture - The low-down on the bid to take the Carrot out of Jasper (or put it in?) They want to hear from you too about what makes Birmingham and the West Midlands Cultural. Good active site, recently revamped in 2003 to become better
  • Spike - "Spike is about people, books and ideas." And it's good. South East and media orientated, it's radical, sharp and comprehensive. Online since 1996. "Trust us - we know what we're doing..." Now, how often have I heard that...
  • National Association of Literature Development - If you are a professional involved in literature development, and don't know about NALD, you ought to look right now - useful to find support for developing literature, perhaps near you....
  • Route-Online - Nearest thing to Lit-Net in Yorkshire. Very swish site with lots of links to writers, on-line writing, and stuff about the area, backed up by extensive mags and books - worth a look especially for digital fiction
  • Arts Council England - What's what in terms of resources and support for the arts in the West Midlands should start here. Clean site, but all the old RAB WMA stuff like Bulletin... has gone down a virtual plughole. (contact info@lit-net to moan about this.)
  • Live Literature Net - The Arts Council has suspended this site from 31 August 2003 pending its Communications Review about continued funding of centrally-managed websites. continues to print a national directory of events in its magazine.
  • National Association of Writers In Education - If you're a writer and work in education from kindergarten to U3A NAWE is for you. Also good to find a writer to work in school, college...relaunched site an absolute belter
  • - The website to support arts in out of school hours activities in Dudley, Nottingham and Birmingham - handy if you want to work or want an artist to work in out of school activities
  • Mslexia - 'Mslexia is read by top authors and absolute beginners. A quarterly masterclass in the business and psychology of writing, it's the essential magazine for women who write' and a nationwide events listings, reviews....
  • National Disability Arts Forum** - Excellent service for those into arts & people with disabilities. Also superb weekly e-newsletter, Eteceta, packed+well-edited topical info. Great resource for all, better than most professional digests & you don't need to be disabled to gain from it.
  • Shape** - New site for Shape, which has supported arts and disability for 25 years. Currently London orientated, and more content info than content, but do add your stuff.
  • Pirandello - A Site Like Lit-Net focussed towards the South of England; Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Bucks...but not Beds. Elegant, full of the right stuff, and perhaps more towards writers stuff.
  • Essex Live Lit - Lit-Net for Essex, especially strong on events, good stuff for writers and reader - all the local gen for literary Dickys from Billericay.
  • Stories From The Web - Excellent site everyone up to 14 and their families interested in reading and writing. Good accessible design attractive to kids, and highly interactive - don't miss.
  • Decibel - culturally diverse arts - Clear and attractive site about Decibel - culturally diverse arts programme. Find out what's what in your neck of the woods, yet just beyond.....
  • Aliss - "artists and learning information and support service for the West Midlands." News, opportunities and artists to work in education. Online does for the region what Nald, Nawe, Arts Explorer does nationally.
  • THEpUBLIC - An arts organisation formerly known as Jubilee Arts, based in Sandwell and to open its megamillion C-Plex in 2005 - currently all in flash so difficult to access for visually impaired.
  • Arts Connect - The Search Engine for the Arts in the UK. If you can't google or yahoo it, then go here to find what you want. Be specific in your searches because it throws up hundreds of entries - and give them ideas since still beta-testing.
  • The South - Excellent site for finding about reading, writing and performance in The South - more east than west, in and around Sussex in the main. Does a good newsletter too.
  • Literature Training - Do you want to improve your literature development skills to match your abundant talents? Click here to find out where to go next.
  • Pulp Net - Class fiction, reviews and events-listing for Literature in London. Slick, easy and magnetic. Become attracted.
  • Aesthetica Magazine - Literary mag in York area dedicated to publishing new and original artists and writers every second month. "We are open to writers and artists from all over the world and encourage submissions from everyone." At the interface between verb and image
  • Literature North East - Excellent site for literature lovers in the north east. Gives access to New Writing North and Save Short Story campaign, as well as events, news... Lit-net in Geordie.
  • Live Art Magazine - "Hybrid:interdisciplinary:collaborative" Cracking inter-regional site for all into art that, for the want of a better term, isn't dead. Worth visiting as a website, and especially for the cutting edge of visual arts.
  • Printed Page - Index - the writers and publishers network, north west site for all things literary from Cheshire to Cumbria. A lit-net for the north-west launched March 2004. A definite for those in the region.
  • bloc - Excellently written resource site from Falmouth College of Arts post-grad writing students. More for writers than readers, particularly strong on national news, (which lit-net doesn't tend to carry)and good competitions section.
  • Birmingham Arts Marketing - One stop shop full listing for Birmingham arts events, exhibitions...beyond literature. Shortly to go across West Midlands with
  • Audiences Central - Arts Marketing agency launched June 2004 "Aims to work with and inspire arts organisations, agencies, practitioners and audiences in order to increase and diversify the market for the arts in the West Midlands."

  • Competitions

  • Tower Poetry Competition - Poetry Competition for 16-18 year olds in education f/t or p/t, free to enter, £1500 top prize from Christ Church College Oxford since 2001. Closing date March. Also Poetry Summer school...
  • Moving Stories - Really good site where NAWE and NRM (National Association of Writers in Education and National Railway Museums celebrate 200 years Railfest. Enter your stories and poems till the end of June, or read others including Ian McMillan's rail diary

  • Festivals

  • Ledbury Poetry Festival 30 June - 9 July 2006 - Beautiful Herefordshire Countryside, wonderful poetry, walks, tours, workshops, and free town party - great organisation by Charles Bennett. Hit site, download programme and go
  • Festival At The Edge - 19th - 21st July - Storytelling - Second decade with a wonderful cast of storytellers at the 11th Festival at the Edge. Jan Blake, Tim Bowley, Amy Douglas, Jane Flood, Kelvin Hall, Michael Harvey, Nick Hennessey, Dan Keding, Amoafi Kwapong, Hugh Lupton, Shonaleigh, Madge Spencer, Dovie T
  • Birmingham Book Festival 7- 22 October 2004 - Books and writers across Birmingham city centre. A must-see, don't miss
  • Purple Poetry Patch Convention 26-28 July 2002 - Purple Patch Poetry Convention is a belter of a weekend where poets in the heart of the Black Country give their hearts - bloack or otherwise - to poetry.
  • Coventry Readers and Writers 24 April to 19 October 2002 - Coventry Readers and Writers Forum Festival One World Many Voices This is where readers and writers meet through Coventry Libraries for a summer-long festival of the word. Contact Mark Williams
  • Ludlow Festival 22 June - 7 July 2002 - Under the shadow of the Castle, with some of the finest restaurants in England, a veritable feast for all. Literature weekend 28th June to 30th June with programme from Nicholas Evans "The Horse Whisperer" to Roy Hattersley "Buster" his dog
  • Leominster Festival - 30 May to 10th June - Plenty of arts in the heart of Herefordshire. Literature includes Dub Merge, film and talk about Robert Harris's The Enigma, Tony Benn, Gabriel Woolf's Dylan Thomas, and The Lost Towns of Herefordshire.
  • Cambridge Word Fest - New Kids on the block, 28-30 March 2003 Strong line-up and no long-ball game
  • Southwell Poetry Festival - Good clear site for a good clear poetry festival in small Nottingham town beloved by Byron. Also has e-mail hook-up for latest news.
  • Lady Fest Birmingham 9-11 July - Ladyfest Birmingham is a 3-day, not for profit, festival 9-11 July showcasing the talents of women across all areas of the arts including MUSIC, ART, VIDEO, FILM, SPOKEN WORD, ACTIVISM and much more.
  • Warwick Words 2006 - Fifth year twenty writers and poets including Sir Jeremy Isaacs, E A Markham, Fay Weldon Andrew Motion Colin Dexter, Taffy Thomas, Roz Goddard, Wendy Cope, Phillip Gross, Robert Lacy, poetry walk from Warwick to Kenilworth Castle, and poetry pub trail, Ro

  • Libraries

  • For UK Public Libraries on the web - Not the zingiest of web-addresses, nor a site where you need shades for all the flash, but very easy to get round, up-to-date, authoritative yet friendly guide to public libraries websites and access through the web.
  • Staffordshire Libraries - Everything you need about Staffordshire Libraries. Excellent and reliable Talisman on-line catalogue; a quick way to check or find a title, and a chance to register your favourite kids' books since the '30s
  • Opening The Book - Just redesigned Spring 2003, and excellent resource for libraries and reader development. Does what it says on the tin: reader centred library service and reader development group
  • Birmingham Libraries - Packed and stacked with literary content, regularly updated, but stacking means its not always easy to surf quickly. Better to use their efficient advanced search engine.
  • Warwickshire Libraries - Up to date, clear content, easy to get round, plenty of children orientated content. Online catalogue - WILD. Good events section where you can add your own. No search engine, don't need it.
  • Shropshire Libraries - Information and reading focussed. An easy way round what's hot to read by classical categories - biographies, BBC Big Read, with local takes such as the 'Shrop 21' On-line catalogue
  • Herefordshire Libraries - Stand-alone site. Small, easy to get around, mainly service information, on-line catalogue and renewals service.
  • Worcestershire Libraries - Easy to get around, no search engine, no need. On-line catalogue, strong on reader development, groups and book reviews. Far less strong on live literature.
  • Solihull Libraries - All routes on one page. No on-line catalogue. Strong on groups - reading, writing & poetry, and storming Live Literature.
  • Stoke Libraries - Plenty of information, but rather fiddly to access - on-line catalogue has non-intuitive layout, while difficult to sort literary activity from the rest of their compendious services, including Omlette Arnold Bennett, which is richly disgusting.
  • Sandwell Libraries - Right mix of graphics and words, and one-page overview. No on-line catalogue, but good events guide and other useful information.
  • Wolverhampton Libraries - No search engine, events or readers groups listed but on-line catalogue promised soon. Much more happening in the city, and many entries seem to have been last updated in autumn 2002
  • Telford & Wrekin Libraries - Small authority and website is consequently outward looking with good links and info to other library websites. No online catalogue or events listing as yet.
  • Dudley Libraries - No search engine or on-line catalogue. Long lists of internal links worth scrolling especially for teenage stuff which is strong on this site.
  • Walsall Libraries - Fairly easy-to-use opening page, click 'What's New' for live literature etc. No on-line catalogue to date, but strong on library links.
  • Hertfordshire Direct - Not in the West Midlands, but included as an excellent example of how a local authority website could look and work. Fast, easy-to-use, attractive, almost beguiling...
  • The Reading Agency - A UK wide development agency with roots in the public library sector "we have a mission to inspire a reading nation, by working with libraries and their partners"

  • Poetry

  • Poetry Society - Poetry Society – classic portal about poetry but not all poetry and poetry sites... especially strong on education, national news and schemes. Less so how to write the blessed stuff, and poetry to read included in other material.
  • Birmingham Poets On-Line - For poets in Birmingham and Solihull - trying to increase readers and contributors, from five minute dekko tends to the gothic and if you like rhyme....
  • Centrifugal Forces - Elegant site for text message poems/ 160 characters long/ to fit a mobile/ please read & submit/ like this ENDS
  • The Poetry Library - Excellent site for finding out about published poetry and poets, especially in Britain. Competitions section comprehensive for poetry competitions. Lost Quotations section may divert...
  • Poetry Can - Excellent site that gives you all you'd love to know about poetry in Bristol, and more
  • Poetry Kit - No frills, straightforward site full of basic gen and links to the nitty-gritty of contemporary poetry - a must for writers and readers who are more comfy with sleeves rolled up.
  • Apple and Snakes - London-based performance orientated poetry circuit - site very style magazine and easy on the eye. Sharp words too, more for the reader and audience than writer. Coming up to East Midlands....
  • Jacket Magazine - Very Australian literary poetry magazine: Serious, scholarly but fun. A must click if you think English poetry magazines are too stuffy by half, and a must click if you don't.
  • Football Poets - Very well designed and easy to use site full of soccer poems - some brilliant, some like watching Coventry when the floodlights fail. Kick It Out, soccer against racism section too, and worth a shout.
  • Poetry Magazines - Sharp site, giving online access to twenty poetry magazines across the country, including Worcestershire's Obsessed With Pipework - worth a look
  • Poetry Mine - Excellent site combining the best of Welsh and West Midlands. If the pits of the valleys no longer produce out-halves, Geoff Jones demonstrates bardic qualities flourish.
  • Poetry Book Society - Forget Amazon, the way to buy poetry on-line, with excellent news and views on what's what for contemporary poetry in print. A must-see for poetry purchasers.
  • Poetry Cubicle - Bright, sharp, original and fresh site with bright, sharp and original poets.
  • Poetry Fanzine - On-line billboard for perhaps the most elegantly made poetry magazine - regardless of content!
  • Julie Boden & Poetry Central - Julie Boden's own website, former Birmingham Poet Laureate, part of the Poetry Central team, inspirational performer and workshop leader... browse and enjoy
  • Flarestack Publishing - "- still developing, but maybe worth a visit . . ." Editor Johnson. So I did, looks pretty good to me and a definite port of call.
  • Wroteunder - Cracking webcast audio-download site recording live events from Digbeth. 'To my mind, this is the way of the future - wall-to-wall Beeb Betjeman is all very good, but 21st schizoid man?' David Fine Lit-Net Ed.

  • Publishing

  • Tindal Street Press - England's largest & most successful fiction house outside London - gateway to finest West Midlands prose, freshly madeover site: has it all from with on-line shopping carts to masterclasses
  • Bloodaxe Books - Very friendly, well, jovial site with no big corporate design ethos - just damned good content matching quality of the books. Poetry Fan Section especially good.
  • Quality Women's Fiction & Candenza - Vibrant on-line and off-line magazine based in Rugby which does exactly what it says. As well as the product, lots of great advice in terms of process. Worth a look, and stretching into poetry
  • Anon Poetry Publishing - Entry site for unique poetry magazine where all contributors submit anonymously - the poetry not the poet is judged. Worth a gander.
  • Open Wide Magazine - UK-based US look 'reaction to mainstream publishing' looking for sharp short fiction and poetry. Seems to be in Bukowski, maybe Brautigan territory. Quite explicit content. ~Good range of kindred sites in links.
  • Forbidden Fruit Magazine - On-line original slash fiction magazine published three times a year. Always on the lookout for quality short stories in any genre, as long as the main characters are gay or bi men
  • Bullet - "No more heroes any more" Where noir meets amps -hetamines or -lifiers. Sharp site for short sharp rock'n'roll noir. "Whatever happened to all those Shakespearos?"
  • Vanity Publishing - "A campaign for honesty and truth." Excellent site to help you work out if a publisher is kosher or not. A must-see if you've any doubts about a publishers' credentials and a good view of the industry as a whole.
  • The Xpress - Europe's largest publisher of Black interest books. Sharp site, sharp print. "In the next few years we intend to become not only Europe's biggest, but the world's number one black book publisher."
  • Rascal - Sharp, smart, simple and contemporary on-line magazine. Worth a look, cultural musings with a bite.

  • Reading

  • My Home Library - Initiated by Children’s Laureate Anne Fine isn’t just a wonderful selection of cracking bookplates to place into treasured volumes, but a treasure of ideas and schemes - how to find hard to find books quickly, cheaply and easily. Watch out for the frogs!
  • YOUR FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK THROUGH THE DECADES - Staffordshire Libraries give you the chance to say and see what your favourite children's books are since the 1930s - click link to see, and send entries to
  • Penguin Readers - Perhaps the best reader orientated site from a publisher. Very good sections on book reviews, competitions, e-books. Friendly and not at all pushy - good newsletter too.
  • Reading Link - Good solid gateway and resource site to help teach young uns to read. (and not transport connections in Berkshire)
  • Literature Awards - Literature Awards - everything from Booker (a food distribution company) to Zaphod Beeblebrox (joking) Over 170 Literature Awards listed, and much much more - excellent site
  • Branching Out - Classic reader development mainly in libraries site. Includes Forager which is a unique and clever way to find yourself a new read without falling into the genre trap. Have a look.
  • Fanoos Literary Society - Just benefited from a developmental award from the West Midlands Arts Regional Arts Lottery programme – good site to access Pakinstani-based asian culture, especially urdu poetry
  • ClearVision - UK postal lending library of children's books with braille added to print and pictures, making them suitable for visually-impaired and sighted to share. 11,000+ books. Free for individuals and families, no postage, £40 a year for libraries etc. Great.
  • Eat A Book - Tell Jodi what you're reading, and she might eat it - whacky idea with serious message about literacy. Lit-Net Ed suggests Deliah Smith, 'a triumph of ingredients over imagination.'
  • Which Book Net - Want to read something new to you? Update on 'Forager' - far simpler to use and can get you straight from a book which suits your mood to the nearest library which has it on loan - very smart.
  • World Book Day - 6th March 2003 - the site to find out how the UK is celebrating World Book Day
  • Guardian Unlimited Books - Probably best & certainly clearest broadsheet literary website. Reader focussed: down-to-earth comment as thirty-somethings & Old Labour jossle for virtual frisson in talk pages. Anything that asks 'Is Andrew Motion any good?' gets Lit-Net Ed's vote.
  • Encompass Culture - British Council Online Reading Group - Well designed site to promote reading for kids, teenagers and adults across the world with strong interactive elements, and good general sections, newsletters, opened summer 2003, revised 2004 with good book lists.
  • Thirst Books - The independent thinkers' book club for independent thinkers in Yorkshire and beyond. Just a holding page at present, e-mail for free membership & copy of latest brochure.
  • Cult Fiction - Excellent site for all those authors from Stanislaw Lem to Colin Wilson that the corporate publishing world cannot categorise. If you really want some new stuff to you that's also dead old and cool, click here..
  • What are you up to tonight? - Brash, sharp, vivid reading guide geared to teens and twenties from East Midlands Libraries and Opening The Book but works anywhere - staying in or going out, like The Smiths. Try it.
  • The Fiction Cafe - NLIB runs this great site to find books if you're gone beyond the BBC Big Read - worth a look, especially by the far-sighted.
  • Reading Africa - thirty great titles fresh from Africa, in case you missed their recent tour.
  • Books For Change - “brings books, com,munities and ideas together” Excellent articulate site of an excellent articulate project that links reading and writing to social regeneration. A don’t miss if you believe books have social as well as literary value.

  • Storytelling

  • Storytelling Cafe - The Storytelling Cafe Gives the lowdown on all Storytelling Cafe gigs throughout the midlands, east as well as west, just updated by Graham Langley, so if you want the latest here.....
  • Tales at the Edge - Storytelling club from 8pm on the 2nd Monday of every month (except August) Wenlock Edge Inn approximately 5 miles from Much Wenlock on the B4371 road to Church Stretton. More details contact: Mike Rust 01694 771379 or Amy Douglas 01952 504929.
  • Mythstories - museum of myth and fable - Mythstories - classic museum of myth and fable The Morgan Library,Aston Street, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5AU tel 01939 235500 (or 01938 554428)email Now open to visitors, as well as schools. Storyclub, third Wednesday of each month.
  • Festival at the Edge - Festival at The Edge (FATE) has been going for ten years - it's not just its summer festival near Much Wenlock, Shropshire, there is also Tales From The Edge every second monday of the month, regular workshops and courses - see their website
  • Society for Storytelling - Excellent starting point for finding out about storytelling especially in UK. Jam-packed with useful stuff, clearly laid-out in straight-forward style and no gimmickry.

  • Training

  • - Part of Arts Explorer and Creative People, the place to go for details of training in Literature Development.

  • Writing

  • Trace - Classic On-line Writing Community, and now specialising on on-line schools
  • Commonword - The virtual community of North West Writers clebrating its Silver Jubilee with a cracking new website
  • ABC Tales - Started 2000 with 100 pieces of writing, now 15000, idea from John 'Big Issue' Bird - very good for advice and getting started, fairly zany stuff but all accessible - good newsletter
  • The Script Factory - writing for the big screen - Fancy writing for the screen, especially film? Go here first to find out something of how the industry works and what training schemes are available. "Writers are animals - I've eaten with them." The Producers
  • The Spontaneity Shop - improvisation - North London based improvisation workshops and development - worth a butcher's to hone performance skills "Whatistheessenceofhumour-Timing."
  • The Pleasure Dome - Excellent very friendly writing site that works by sharing and encouragement. Recently redesigned but still geared towards people feeling their way with words as much as super-accomplished wordsmiths, like wot I am.
  • Writelink - Very practical how-to writing site run by Midlands based Sue Kendrick. Especially good for those starting up as well as the more experienced. Plenty of competitions and you can subscribe to their newsletter too
  • The New Writer - Website for magazine & e-newsletter by subscription. "Launched in 1996, it's aimed at writers with a serious intent." Worth looking at if you're thinking 'where and how do I get this published?'
  • Warwick Writing Programme - The largest and most comprehensive programme of its type in Europe, the Warwick Writing Programme develops new teaching and research in the fields of creative and scientific writing. BA and MA degree in Creative Writing. and dynamic community programme.
  • Writing Worcester - Writing Site run by Bernard Cohen, writing as a whole & what's work like in Worcestershire & Herefordshire. Very accessible, plenty of good tips how to get started and keep going. + Details of Writing Junk; culture, landscape & body Conference 7-9 July
  • New Writing North - Belter of a site for seriously aspiring writers. Easy to work around, sympathetic, zero bull, just good hard advice and support. Other sites should aspire to this standard, or give up
  • The Arvon Foundation - New top web-site for top class residential writing courses in breathtaking parts of the country - latest being the Hurst, Clun, Shropshire, John Osbourne's old gaff, now open
  • Writernet - London-based website aimed at mainly professional script and performance writers to identify, nurture, develop and place their talents. (Need to pay for subscription services) Good Serious stuff.
  • Author.Co.Uk - Belter of a site full of really good stuff, specifically for writers, very topical full of up to minute news from rip-off vanity presses to competitions. Particularly good for writers groups and circles, with a East Anglia, SE emphasis.
  • National Academy of Writing - Clean, elegant home site for the National Academy of Writing, giving details, plans and news about the new 'Conservatoire' for writers to be based in Birmingham
  • Birmingham Words - Birmingham Words small on-line writing community giving and wanting to give voice to a range of writers living in Birmingham - and beyond. The site features short work in both poetry and prose - on a clean and cracking site
  • Save Our Short Story - National campaign to develop short story writing, publishing and awareness - gives detailed breakdown and opportunity to sign on to on-line anthology. Now launched and an excellent site it is too.
  • Write Words - Sharp, poised and up to the mark site for all writers, especially those interested in other writers. £20 for full service otherwise free, their writer's directory is excellent. Worth a look if you're serious about what you write
  • BBC Get Writing - Excellent site to help aspiring writers - a regular for people who want to write, and not just for the Beeb.
  • Young Writer - Sharp site for a magazine by and for young people up to age 18 (from 3??) Published 3 x a year at the start of each school term. Also articles about writing, competitions, guest authors ....
  • Helloland - Talking Birds - Hard to categorise, but Talking Birds' wonderful on-line exploitation of the web involving everything from art to archaeology focussed on Coventry. Click to blow your mind.
  • Internet Writer - The Internet: A Writer's Guide Jane Dorner's promotional site for her book, with "1000 links for writers" - compendious listings, a Baedecker for literary travellers of the web.
  • Writers Services - Full & useful focussed on getting the right words down and then to the right people. Well written sections from proofmarks to public lending rights, cheap computers to Carole Blake, Pitch to Publication. A virtual Writer's Handbook with wit.
  • PEN - Writers in Prison - International organisation of writers campaigning for political freedom - of individuals, speech, imagination. Extending work to translation...have a peek
  • incwriters - Bright breezy sharp writers site, UK-based, focussed on poetry and literary promotion. Few loose links, but doesn't pull punches in its articles and letters. If the conventional tires...
  • The Hyperliterature Exchange - Nearest thing to The London Review of Books or Times Litt Supp for on-line literature, and not nearly as stuffy. Sharp, erudite and a pleasure.
  • Federation of Worker Writers Community Publishers - "Umbrella organisation for writers' groups and community publishers. Open to all organisations working with words and language who share a belief that writing and publishing should be made accessible to all." If that's you, then give it a click
  • Sweeble - Say what you want in the way you want "Focus first person stories and writing on everything from family issues, to tales of struggle, or celebration, events listings and news commentary. Core people talking to each other without media intervention."


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