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Searching For The Reincarnated

Searching For The Reincarnated - Kay Fletcher
Publisher: The Jenny Haniver

General Adult Fiction · ISBN: 0-9543291-0-4

A novel published on CD Rom for use in a PC, packaged in a jewel case with insert
Price: £5.00 (£6.00 including P&P) Publication date: 30th October 2002

Hardware/Software requirements: This novel is published in HTML to be read as an off-line website. All you need to read it is a PC with a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or similar). You do not need a live Internet connection to read this E-book.

* * * * *

'In his dream Norrie was buying a present for Merle, but he could not find the stairs. If he could not find the stairs, he would never get out of the cellar and into the glorious plate glass and chromium heaven where the shops were.

He came across the footprints he and the trucker had left in the wet cement five years ago, 'just like Hollywood' the trucker had said. They had wanted to leave their hands but in the end their feet had to do. Two left feet. Chaise longues for Millennium rats now, nearer the size of Fiddler, the over fed Jack Russell who had plagued Norrie when he first moved in with Morris and Olive Bright.'

* * * * *

Norrie Weathergood has never forgotten his first real love. Merle, adopted daughter of Joseph and Francis Champion, died of Diphtheria in 1938. Sixty years later, a toughened, bitter old man, Norrie becomes obsessed by a young girl who reminds him of Merle...

* * * * *

Shifting through time from past to present, 'Searching For The Reincarnated' tells the stories of several inhabitants of the fictional Black Country town of Sadmere and of the tragedies which alter their lives forever.

There's Norrie Weathergood's obsession with his long dead sweetheart - Merle Crystal - and his relationship (mostly sour) with his landlord and his landlord's daughter, Tina. Then there's Tina's guilt riddled relationship with her ailing father, the bird obsessed Morris Bright…Then there's Adrian Cumin's love hate relationship with his enigmatic yet neurotic ex-wife Darinka, and their sensitive son Aled - plagued by the ghosts of the animals slaughtered in the old Champion abattoir…Then there's Kim, Tina's best friend. Kim used to have a reputation as a man eater, but these days she prefers a couple of cream éclairs and a good tele programme…until she meets a mystery man...

* * * * *

'She dreamed that she had broken up into a hundred miniature Kims, more Kims than she had ever eaten hot dinners, and that all the little Kims ran about like insects a brick had just been rolled off. The hundreds of little Kims went into the world to share out the love and affection that the fully sized Kim had always yearned to give. All that remained of the big Kim was a limp skin, like the body of a mother spider the little spiders had burst out from.'

* * * * *

'Searching For The Reincarnated' is about the passing of time, how time finds stasis in memory, and how ghosts and memories are often one in the same thing.

* * * * *

For more details including a longer extract from Chapter One and synopsis, visit The Jenny Haniver at:

Copies can be purchased by sending a cheque payable to Kay Fletcher at The Jenny Haniver, or you can purchase on-line at

For review copies or further details please contact Kay Fletcher at The Jenny Haniver, PO Box 3191, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 7ZX


© 2001; entered by: Kay Fletcher. All material reproduced is strictly copyright the author.
© 2001; Kay Fletcher
This work can also be seen on web site:

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