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The Self-Publishing Rock Pool

If you're an author-publisher with a publication you'd like to tell the world about, why not advertise it at The Self Publishing Rock Pool.

Either e-mail, or post me the details of your self-publication plus a short extract and scan of your cover (both optional) - and I'll post your news at the Self-Publishing Rock Pool.

What does it cost?

There's no financial fee. It's a simple barter - just distribute 50 flyers or newsletters (publicising either my own self-publications, projects or the Rock Pool itself) as part of your own self-publishing campaign.

Full details are on line at the Jenny Haniver, or you can e-mail me for details -

What can I advertise?

Basically anything goes - as long as it's a genuine self-publication. Your material can be fiction, poetry or non-fiction, it can be published on paper or digitally as an e-book, it can even be your own website, perhaps an on-line diary or weblog, spoken word tapes, or maybe you're publishing your own greetings cards or bookmarks etc? You can even suggest your own category.

I'm not interested in Vanity Presses, however.

The Self-Publishing Rock Pool has grown out of my own recent attempt to self-publish a novel. I found the most difficult part of the project by far has been getting the publication known, and hopefully the Self-Publishing Showcase will provide another place where self-published works can be brought to the attention of potential customers.

* * * * *

P.S. If you're an author-publisher with a website, I'd be happy to add your URL to the web listings at the Rock Pool, alternatively, why not join Ms. Haniver's Self-Publishing Webring? Full details at the Jenny Haniver
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