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Flarestack Poetry Publishing


[despite Charles Johnson’s “enjoying” protracted sick leave and major and minor surgery last year]

By the time you read this, Issue 16 of Obsessed With Pipework poetry magazine will be in the hands of subscribers and contributors, marking our first four years of bringing new high-wire poetry to our readers. The first issue for 2002 is already full, but we’re going strong, so please send poems (maximum 6 please, with SAE) and subscriptions (£12 for a year’s four issues - cheques payable to Flarestack Publishing. Single copies £3.50 post free; sample back numbers £2).

Flarestack continue to publish classy but frill-free pamphlets by individual poets. Here is an international selection of our recent titles. All £3.50 post free from

Flarestack, 15 Market Place, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 8AR

Not For Publication by Di Neoh from Wolverhampton was launched last year at our first Flarestack Showcase event at the mac

earth-being, by Joan Poulson is a new (2000) edition of a poem in thirteen parts, first published in 1992 by Below-the-Moor Press. ISBN: 1 900397 35 8. Kevin Crossley-Holland calls it "a haunting poem, teeming with possibilities" and adds "I feel as if some of the repetitions have got into my bloodstream; or as if I'd known them before I read them"

Dags, by Rob Paraman (2000) is a collection of poems documenting a biographical and spiritual odyssey that takes in a childhood in "happy valley", soul-destroying life and love on the production-line, a pilgrimage in search of the dream-time and an eventual hint of redemption. ISBN: 1 900397 37 4. "Dags" means a piece of shit-matted wool on a sheep's backside - by extension it refers to somebody who is dowdy, unfashionable or devoid of couth.

The Only Thing Untouched, poems by Susan Hamlyn. ISBN: 1 900397 40 4 (2000): "flesh the only thing untouched" is a line from one of the poems, entitled The Love We Made.

Bipolarity by Emma-Jane Arkady is subtitled "poems of a disorder" - the disorder it chronicles is manic-depressive illness . ISBN:1 900397 41 2 (2000)

The Last Arm Pointing, poems by Ted Slade ISBN: 1 900397 43 9 (2001) Ted is well-known to poets as the moving spirit behind the Poetry Kit website.

The Monster in the Rose Garden, poems by Sheila Hamilton
ISBN: 1 900397 44 7, August 2001.

...and our forthcoming titles...

The Zookeeper’s Daughter, by Lindsey Sill

Untepid Days, by black country teacher Andy Skitt,

Home from Home, by Maria Jastrzebska

With an Eye on the Edge, by Patricia Adelman

What You Cannot Have, by Lucille Gang Shulklapper from Florida and,

following his Monroe poems Her Name is Marilyn, Ron Tomkins’ poem sequence provisionally entitled A Wartime Boyhood
© 2001; David Fine

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