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**Talking Pictures *

* Talking Pictures *

geographical remit: Our Constitution says that the group is open to anyone in the UK. At presentall disabled artists and the volunteer support members are in the West Midlands area but this could change of course.

The projects undertaken by the artists could take place anywhere. Although we all live in the centre of the country we are thinking of a project on coastal areas but, in view of all the travelling that would be costly.

31, Stonelea, Aldridge, West Midlands, WS9 0HU

core staff:
We have no paid staff, only volunteers. There are three lead artists at present. Clifford Morris (photographer), Semba Jallow Rutherford (poet) and Jackie Gay (writer).

Open to disabled photographers and writers who wish to work together.

services provided:
The aim of the group is to support the artists mainly by fundraising for their projects.

current and planned projects:

We currently have an exhibition called 'The Hand of Time' showing in Wigan Library where sadly there is no disabled access to the gallery. It moves a few miles down the road to Leigh Library where I believe there is disabled access
from 26th June until the 9th August.

Clifford is currently working with Jackie documenting the move of the Walsall Coronary Rehabilitation Unit into newer, larger premises.

After this we would like to work on abandoned military sites but this depends on funding.

anything else you want to tell our readers?
We hope this gives you an idea of our activities; please donít hesitate to get in touch if you want further information.

31, Stonelea, Aldridge, West Midlands, WS9 0HU

orginated 31st May from Etecetera, National Disability Arts Forum's online magazine.
© 2001; David Fine

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