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Poetry Fanzine 003 - deadline for submissions 15 Dec 2004

Poetry Fanzine 003


The time has come again to ask for poetry, illustration, and photography based on poetry and writing. Issue 002 was a great success and has sold in bookshops across London, Manchester, and Brighton. In addition, we ran two
launch nights of live poetry readings and music, which were very well received. This issue will be even bigger in scope and production, and willbe another visual and tactile treat...

Theme? As with the previous two issues, there is no official topic or theme for the content of your work, however, issue 003 will be incorporating moving image and text, and part of the format will be on a DVD.

So... we are also looking for those who work with animation, motion graphics, and video and would like to work and collaborate with selected poets/poems/images. We aim to match up moving image with the written word, and to encourage a collaboration between practitioners of these two
mediums... If you work with animation, motion graphics, or video and would be interested in contributing, please send us a showreel, or a link to where your work can be seen.

Send Submissions to:

Send showreels to:
Poetry Fanzine C/o, 12 Colne Road, Hackney, London, E5 0HR.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 15 December 2004

Text submissions:
Work may be submitted as text files (.rtf or .doc), or in the body of an

Image submissions:
Work may be submitted as .jpg or .gif, as well as photoshop (.psd),
illustrator (.ai), '.eps' or '.tiff' files. Please limit the size of attachments to 1mb or less. If your work is selected, we may contact you for a high-res version of your image.

We look forward to receiving your work!

Visit us on the web on the link below
Poetry Fanzine Presents - The Cut-up
Thurs 3 Feb, 7pm
The Whitechapel Gallery, Cafe/Bar

A night of reading, live music and of course, open mic, delivered by the Poetry Fanzine duo, Jason Skowronek & Martin McGrath. An eclectic mix of performers, singer-songwriters, and the unpredictable open mic.
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