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Microsoft Patches - Leave Well Alone & Delete

If you receive an e-mail which looks like it comes from Microsoft with a patch attached to protect against viruses, DO NOT OPEN IT, but delete straight away. The attachment almost certainly contains a virus. Microsoft have issued warnings about these bogus e-mails, since they never send attachments but links to download their updates from the web.

FenderBender Propellorhead was so beguiled by the apparent authenticity of the e-mail - it uses Microsoft logos typefaces and links - that he went ahead and opened the attachment to plunge Lit-Net Towers into total gloom and darkness. (Not that anyone really noticed.)

A call to Eton-educated IT guru Rich Text-Format soon restored normal service, and you should have no problem provided you keep your anti-virus software up-to-date and spick and span. Just follow the instructions from your anti-virus website.

FenderBender should have known better, especially as a loyal Lit-Net user - thanks Claire - sent Lit-Net HQ a warning e-mail, but FenderBender being FenderBender...

Maybe FB thought Aarf-Aarf Hoaxhound was yapping at his heels to say that the next Lit-net Newsletter All Poets Are Mad was with RSM Kneesbend, the commissar at the foot of Lit-Net Towers.... it will be with you soon.

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